Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating

Starting From Only 599$

Plus Complimentary Interior Detail

At Tasman AutoZone, we are using industry-leading Nano 9H Ceramic Quartz coating to ensure everlasting protection for your vehicle.

Our Packages

  • Snow foam hand wash
  • Bugs & bird droppings removed
  • Road tar removed
  • Chamois dried
  • Clay bar treatment for removal of contaminants bonded to the paintwork
  • Multi-stage cut & polish/paint correction for removal of holograms, scuffs, swirl marks & medium to heavy scratches
  • Removal of all polishing oils/residues
  • Thick layer application of 9H ceramic coating paint protection
  • Application of Reload, a product that gives the coating a further gloss and protection
Plus complimentary:


  • Full interior vacuum and deodorize (includes boot)
  • Seats, carpets, mats and boot steam cleaned and sanitized
  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned (if applicable)
  • All interior plastics and trims including steering wheel, dashboard, centre console, air vents, armrest, glove box, sun visors, door panels, and handles detailed, sanitized, and dressed
  • Foot pedals cleaned and sanitized
  • Interior windows and mirrors cleaned

We will need the vehicle for the whole day


  1. 9H Hardness: Hardness scale is used in the coating industry to determine paint hardness, H is capacity
    Of a coated surface to resist scratching, what is important is the balance between hardness and
  2. 3D Deep Gloss: Condensed Nano-Bionic particles with superior cross-linking abilities provide tough
    3D structure high gloss flexible coating.
  3. Hydrophobic & Anti-fouling: Our new-generation nana-bionic ceramic technology mimics natures
    Lotus effect, the lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of ultra-hydrophobic as
    exhibited by the leaves of a lotus flower.
  4. Nanomaterials: These materials describe materials of which a single unit is sized 1 and 1000 nm.
  5. Anti UV: Prevents paint from fading and oxidation.
  6. Anti-Acid Rain: Durable protection against acid rain.
  7. Self-Cleaning: Dust blows off dirt washes off easily.
  8. Anti-static: Repels dust from the paintwork.
  9. Anti-Calcium: Prevents water spots.